Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thing 17


After browsing around LibWorm for a while, I'm not sure how useful this site is. I think following other sites or blogs would be a better idea, or signing up for listservs. One that I recently came across is 100 Best Blogs for Librarians of the Future. Many of the Feed Categories, Subjects, and Tags I looked at in LibWorm included articles or links that didn't really appear relevant to the category. I probably won't be using this one much unless I see some significant advantages to using this site over others.

Thing 16


LibraryThing seems like a great idea for personal use and, perhaps, library use. Although I'm not going to create an account now, I might do this someday so that I can organize my books. I like the idea of sharing books with others and in the process, hopefully finding some new books to read. At the same time, I don't like the idea of putting all that personal information on the web for everyone to see. I know you can set your account to "private" but it seems like that would defeat the purpose of LibraryThing.

I read the sections on ThingLang, ISBN Check, and MARCThing, but I'm not sure i completely understand them. It looks like ThingLang will determine the language of a book, ISBN Check will convert older numbers to the 10- or 13-digit versions, and MARCThing...well I'm not really sure what that does. My cataloging experience and knowledge needs work!

The groups are a great idea too. I looked at the "I see dead people's books" groups and found that interesting. I like the "local" tab to find events, bookstores, libraries, etc. that are local. I also like the "buy, borrow, or swap" link. After looking around on the site, I'm not sure how much use LibraryThing will have in an actual library, but is a fun site for all book lovers.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thing 15


At least I finally know what that little icon on some websites means. Digg is an interesting concept. Maybe with Digg the media will not have as much control over what constitutes "news". It's not a site that I'm going to join, but I can see myself checking this site periodically when I want some interesting news to read. I can find stories on here that otherwise I would not have found.

Thing 14


I signed up for Delicious but don't know how often I'll really use it. It seems that I'm always bookmarking things and then never look at them again. If I need to see my bookmarks I'll just wait until I get home or, if I have my laptop with me, I can use them anytime. I guess I can see why so many people like Delicious, but to me it's just another user name and password to remember for something I'll probably rarely use. Now my browser looks different and I'm not sure I like it. I actually decided to delete my account! Sorry, Delicious, you're not for me!

Thing 13


Does tagging belong in the library? Does it replace or complement subject headings? Should we encourage or discourage the practice?

The only experience I've had with tagging is through Facebook. You can tag your friends in pictures so that when someone scrolls over it, they know who that person is. I'm not so sure that tagging belongs in libraries, however. I think it might make things confusing to have all sorts of labels by many different people. It is hard to tell unless it's been done, though. Students might like the idea and it could create a better way for them to share things, but I don't think it could ever replace subject headings. I think we should encourage it for personal use and see what direction it goes. If tagging becomes all the rage, then maybe we can slowly bring it into the library.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thing 12


I was hesitant to sign up for twitter, but took the advice not to type in my e-mail password. I hope no one here has done that - sounds like a terrible idea. Anyway, I have never used Twitter before even though it seems like everyone is tweeting now. My name is Sarah_EE in case anyone wants to follow me! (although I don't think I'll ever update my every move). I don't know anyone personally who uses it, so I don't have anyone to follow. Instead I looked up UNT and found several to follow. I am now following the UNT Alumni Association, UNTnews, UNTRIS (a great one to follow!), and UNTLISSA. I found some other interesting people/organizations to follow including vegan_diet, Mother Earth News, Yoga_Journal, LibraryJournal, and ALA Library. Whew! I found more than I thought I would. Let's see if I can remember to keep up and check my Twitter account more than once in a blue moon.

Thing 11

Instant Messaging

I have to admit that I used to use instant messaging services all of the time. I used to have an AOL account, so that automatically provided a way for me to chat with people. I later used AIM, but my usage dropped off dramatically. I rarely chat using instant messaging systems anymore, unless it's work or school related. I don't want to be online for that long when I don't have to. For work, I have a few shifts in virtual reference, and while at work we use Communicator, and sometimes, Meebo. I've used the instant messenger on Facebook a couple of times, but prefer not to use these services anymore for personal use. I think they're great for chat reference work though, and I enjoy the opportunity to take part in virtual reference.